Unicorn art piece hidden in the Unicorn Bar in Capitol Hill Seattle. First one to find it gets to keep it!

#17: UNICORN (in the Unicorn) BAR!

Greetings from the stickiest, sugariest bar in all the land!


At first we were really bummed because there are these PERFECT cagey sconces on the wall downstairs that we REALLY WANTED as a hiding spot, but in involved climbing on a booth. Plus, there were bros in the booth. 

So that was a wash.

BUT then I found this fancy birdcage chandelier. 

And all was good. 

And yes, I know this is an Awesome Portland beast that is definitively NOT in Portland, but it was the only unicorn I had with me.  And CLEARLY I had to leave a unicorn. 

Shut up Portland, you can't have ALL the fun. 

... and evil jello shots and shenanigans ensued.